07 Feb 2016

What Goes Into the Making of a Truly Memorable Steak

A truly great steak can be one of life’s most memorable pleasures. The best steaks are shot through with streaks of luscious fat and limber throughout, cooking up tender and delicious in every case. While it is possible to make a terrific steak at home, most who truly love beef find that the professionals do an even better job. Heading to the best steakhouse in the area is therefore often the surest way of arranging for a meal that will be entirely without flaws.

In the San Antonio area, there are plenty of excellent options of this kind, too. At steakhouse san antonio tx, for example, locals and visitors can read up on a location that recently won an award for being the best of its type in the area. Standing out as a steakhouse turns out to be quite a bit more complicated than many would assume, too, with a lot of hard work going into the serving of steaks that really excel.

That work starts with the selection of the steaks themselves. Any steakhouse worth its salt will serve only USDA Prime graded beef, a designation that ensures that plenty of marbling will be found within. While the Prime beef that most restaurants in the area carry entails a certain level of quality, though, steakhouses that insist on obtaining the best can do even better.

What that means in practice is sending knowledgeable, hardworking buyers to the warehouses of suppliers, so that cuts of beef can be selected individually. Even within the mass of beef that is granted a Prime designation, actual quality varies quite significantly, so picking out a loin or other quarter that stands at the very head of the class will always make a difference.

Once that top quality beef has been obtained, there are also good ways of making it even better. All beef benefits from some aging, with time spent on the meat hook allowing enzymes within to break down the muscular tissue, rendering it more tender. Many steakhouses will go well beyond the two weeks or so of aging that are most often recommended for this purpose, too, seeking the further development of flavor that results from even more time in storage.

What this means in the end is that those who make reservations with another of the area’s great steakhouses can count on having meals that will be more than just delicious. The best steaks to be had in the area around San Antonio can make memories too.


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